3D work

Fox -personal project, 2019

Xgen fur, rendered with Arnold, Autodesk maya.
This was a project I did to force myself to learn xgen grooming in the evenings after work.

‘Little Darling’ , Music video, Secret City, 2013

Big Cookie Studio.

Role: Lead Texture artist, character modeller.
I textured the main character and guided other artists to create similar wood shaders for the other characters.
Textured the lady’s room, the band players and the window.
I modelled the wooden cuckoo bird that the characters fly away on, the ‘heart’ and parts of the clock facade.
In addition, I cleaned up some funky models and UV mapped the majority of assets.

Glass Squid, 2014

Work in progress…


I made this in response to a friend’s request on instagram. I learned how to use basic bifrost and Arnold renderer/lighting/materials for the effects and sculpted the model in a night.